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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Because 120 characters or less is never enough...

Maybe summer is not the best time for me to start a blog. I get most of my material for any clever, satirical remarks from school and the quirky things that inevitably happen in class. There is never a dull moment when a former hippie is teaching Shakespeare, or a walking-encyclopedia-of-entirely-imaginary-facts sits in front of you in Post-Colonial Literature opposite a quick tempered professor. And yes, messy grammar and spelling bug me.

Such is the life of an English lit major.

Anyway, today we are cleaning the bonus room/library. I've thrown so much stuff away. Hopefully nothing important. I guess if everybody has gone this long without needing those things they won't notice they are gone. Right? I was mostly just stuff like old coloring pages, torn rubber snakes and bouncy balls.
I worked mostly on the getting the books semi-organized and back on the shelves (and throwing things away, of course). Hopefully soon it will no longer look like a hurricane came through.
Let's see, what else?

Umm, it's just about time to start making Christmas gifts. I always feel like I won a prize or something when December rolls around and most of my gifts are already finished or in progress. With all this cool weather I feel like knitting cool weather items (Fall and early winter are when I am in my element!). Besides, one can only knit so much summery lace.

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