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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flooding cookies... mmm...

Today I attempted my first cookie flooding venture, and they turned out really beautiful!
Super easy. Super yummy.

(The upside-down T is for my little bro, the car is for my dad, and the heart that says mom, obviously, is for mom)

I started by outlining my homemade gingerbread cookies (which Tyler helped me cut out) with a thick royal icing. Then with thinner icing I filled the space inside the outline with a spoon.

For my sweet friends M and D:
D's kind of leaked at the lower right corner. :( But, hey, it was my first try.

...and James:

This one is for me!
Near perfection!

Fleur de lis for the boy scout in the family:
Everybody's favorite.

Authentic gingerbread men for the foreign exchange students:

(It's not flooding, but it's still pretty cool)

And stars for my grandma:

Ta da! Now, only now that they have had their pictures taken, can the cookies be eaten.

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